Donate to Pierre Players' Sound, Service & Stage Fundraising Campaign

For over half a century, Pierre Players Community Theatre has been a beacon of joy, connection, and artistic expression within our community. Live theater encourages community and connection which studies show relieves depression and anxiety. Our recent patron survey revealed a profound truth: over 80% of our audience identified being part of a collective, transformative experience as an important aspect of Pierre Players’ performances.

Yet, imagine the disconnection of missing a punchline, the whisper of confusion in the dark, the sense of isolation when the collective laughter of the audience doesn’t reach your ears. This isn't just a hypothetical scenario—for 35% of our season members, predominantly seniors, this is a reality that prompts them to reserve seats as close to the stage as possible, all in a bid to capture every word, every nuance.

With the professional assistance of Oahe Light and Sound in Pierre and Haggerty’s in Rapid City, we’re planning to install a new sound board and acquire microphones for the actors. This isn’t merely an upgrade; it's a transformation ensuring that every audience member—regardless of their hearing abilities—can fully immerse themselves in the magic of live theatre.

Your contribution to our 2024 “Sound, Service & Stage” fund doesn’t just buy equipment; it buys moments of joy, connection, and collective experience. It ensures that the laughter, gasps, and post-show chatter continue to resonate, not just in the Grand Opera House, but in the hearts of all who enter.

Your donation today is more than a gift; it's an investment that ensures that every voice is heard, every laugh shared, and every moment cherished. Thank you in advance, for helping ensure that the Pierre Players Community Theatre remains a vibrant center of community and connection for generations to come.

To make a charitable donation to Pierre Players, our contact info is below, or you can simply jump over to our Square payment page here:



Thank you for your support!